Stadium Astro – Made For Fans

Description: To encapsulate the massive range of Astro’s sports coverage, we came up with the idea of Made For Fans, whereby the ‘stadium’ is created for true sports fans. The tv commercial shows the major sports broadcast by Astro in a futuristic stadium with various levels showing the variety of sports. In it we see the fans perspective of what they can expect from Astro’s wide sports coverage.


Astro HR Recruitment Ads

Description: To entice job seekers to join Astro, we came up with a campaign based on famous movie quotes (as Astro is in the entertainment industry) skewed towards recruitment.

1724 HR campaign Print_RD03-01


1724 HR campaign Print_RD03-02


1724 HR campaign Print_RD03-03


Astro Deepavali Print Ad

Deepavali Corp Final-01

Astro Agency Award Congratulatory ad

2229 Award EDM FA-01 (1)